Entrance Tickets

Moya provides easy and secure way to sale tickets for your lanparty event! Visitors can purchase their tickets instantly using ebanking and then select their computerplace on lan event map. They print their ticket and arrive to event place. A barcode scanner can be used with moya to authenticate the ticket at event place. Ticket sale made easy for your event.

Access Control

Moya has build in support for RFID and barcodes. Existing barcodes and RFIDS from food/good packages and bus/student cards can be used with Moya. User badges can be generated with these techniques and organizer may use the user badges to validate user (if they are eligible for the event) at entrance of event place.


Bring the shop at the event to a new hights. Events usually have a little onsite shop for 24/7 for visitors to buy different kinds of goods and food, like snacks, limonade and various accessories. Moya offers credit/voucher system: Visitor can deposit credits, which can be used later to purchase these goods, this is optional though.

Foodwaves! Visitors order and pay ie. pizza from their computerplace and it is ordered by the organisers from a pizzeria in bulk.

Competition management

Can be used to handle both bracket style eg. game tournaments and entry+voting style eg. democompo competitions.

  • Signup handling
  • Bracket generation
  • Realtime statistics
  • Entry submission
  • Online voting


Most events want some sort of feedback from their guests. Freetext, checkbox and radiobutton answer possibilities. Graphs coming, when we have some time. :)

Moya in use

Moya is currently being used by:

  • Insomnia
  • Vectorama
  • Skynett
  • Streamparty
  • GetOnline
  • Q-Lan
  • Lantrek
  • Assembly